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Wembley Downs Soccer Club founded in Western Australia in 1979  initially playing at the Wembley Downs Primary School fields. The Club has over 500 members and includes 6 senior teams ranging in age from 17 to 65 and a ladies team. The Club is a not for profit organisation and is run by a committee of volunteers.  The Club is affiliated with Fifa and its State Representative body Football West.

Postal Address for Correspondence

PO Box 793

Scarborough  WA  6922

  1. Marieanne Azzalini says:

    My son is registered with the club in the under 12’s for the fist time playing with Wembley Downs.
    When does training start?
    Thank-you Marieanne Azzalini

  2. john mcarthy says:

    when are the trials, or how do i join the club for 2012 season im 14 turning 15 next year.

    • Webmaster says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for your question. Please subscribe to the club site and you will be notified about trials and the season start.


      Web Administrator

  3. Nola Barratt says:

    I have twin girls born 13/12/1999 that would like to play soccer this season please advise me if you have a team that requires players and of your club fees
    Thank you

    • Webmaster says:

      Hi Nola. Thanks for your interest.

      Please email Rob Jaksa on if you cannot find the information you need on the website.

      This year we anticipate we will be fielding 1 team of U13 Girls.

      Rob will be able to let you know how that quota is going.


  4. Jenny Oosterhof says:

    My son is looking for an under 12s team to play in for the 2013 season. Could you please advise if you have any places available or if he could possibly try out in case a place did become available?

    • Webmaster says:

      Thanks for your inquiry, the 2012 season has now drawn to a close now. If you subscribe to our news letters you will get emailed anything happening at the club. We will be posting messages relating to the 2013 season early next year and the process of registering with the club.

      WDSC Committee

  5. Elinor Binning says:

    Hi, I have just registered my son for this season and for Kidsport. How will I know his registration has been accepted and be informed of training times etc?

    • Webmaster says:

      One you have registered with Football West, your application will be sent to the club for approval. Once it has been approved you will then receive an email stating that your son has been accepted by the club. If you son is within the age group where trials are carried out or not he will be allocated to a team and then the coach for that team will contact you via email about when training will occur.

      If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

      WDSC Committee

  6. Nick andrews says:

    Hi I’m living in Scarborough and me and a mate from England are looking for a team. We wanna start playing as soon as possible. Any info would be appreciated.

    • Webmaster says:

      The 2013 season is due to end at the end of September. If you sign up to receive emails we will inform you as to when the new season starts in 2014 and the process in registering for the club.

      WDSC Committee

  7. Kerrod steel says:

    Hey I am interested in playing for the first time since I was like 7 and was wondering how do I get started thanks

    • Webmaster says:

      The 2013 season is due to end at the end of September. If you sign up to receive emails we will inform you as to when the new season starts in 2014 and the process in registering for the club.

      WDSC Committee

  8. William Wu says:

    Hello, my name is William. I am keen to join the club, I was born on in February 1999 and was wondering how I would register to play.

    • Webmaster says:

      The new 2014 season registrations will commence early January 2014 and an announcement will be made via the web site and you will receive an email if you have signed up on the web site.

      WDSC Committee

  9. William Wu says:

    Hello once again, i was wondering what are the training days and times for Under 15’s?

    • Webmaster says:

      Hi William,
      Training days will be chosen by the manager of the respective under 15’s team. There will be trials held if your son/daughter wishes to play in the first team for that age group and then they will be allocated to a team. Sign up to receive emails from the website as all communication will be posted on the site.

      WDSC Committee

  10. Mike Mckenzie says:

    Please provide contact or information so that I may register my sons for your soccer teams. Regards, Mike

  11. Ben Cranley says:

    Hi, me and a friend are looking to move to wembley downs from subiaco. We would be in our last junior year of u18’s. Do you have an u18 team, what division are they in? And when is registration? Thanks

    • Webmaster says:

      Hi Ben,
      Registrations are currently open, see the website for more details. You can get more information on the u18 team from Dermot, his details are on the website when you click on Club Info –> WDSC Committee.

      WDSC Committee

  12. William says:

    1. how many under 15’s teams are there
    2. how many training days a week will there be?
    3. what days are the games?
    Thank you for your time

  13. Niall B says:

    Hi when do you guys start pre season training for amateurs/social

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